IvyPlex Blue line
At A Glance
Melanin food court and bar wanted a complete restaurant solution that helps them with all their functions starting from order taking, order management to payment and settlement.
AlignMinds developed a complete restaurant solution that comprises of a consumer app, waiters' app, Kitchen Display System, and POS that is well compatible with any fiscal printer, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi printer, cash drawer and display components.
Key Results
The solution helped Melanin food court and bar to streamline all their services and functions.
The solution has also helped the establishment to create a new environment where interdepartmental coordination is no more a hassle.
The customers of Melanin food court and bar no more have to stand in a queue to order their favourite food and drinks. The solution enables them to place orders directly from their mobile phone itself.
App: Android Java with MVP architecture
Other: Firebase, Room Database
Backend: Java 1.8 Enterprise edition
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